Getting Started

To Blog or not to Blog ??

At the moment I have been endlessly searching through and join different blogs and reading about how others have their lives so sorted and under control with the balance of life and work, kids and relationships…I decided that I would start to put together my own collection of “works” as it may be called and every so often add part of what I am learning in my Housewife Collection & share this with others. By writing a blog it does open your self up to judgement and comments made to you and about you but I am hoping that some where in amongst that there is also some inspiration and motivation that I can also share with others. It is like opening your front door to the world and wondering what will come of this.

With the start of a New Year I am going to share with you the following

My Goals for 2011

  • Work on my Project Life  my blogging has taken over this
  • Become more organised around the house
  • Set meal plans each week
  • Spend more time enjoying the kids
  • Have time out with my sister & friends

1. Work on my Project Life

With this challenge I have set the goal to take a photo of the day – an image that showed the day for at least 5 out of 7 days a week. This is a challege that Becky Higgins has set up and sells packages to put together. I have decided that since I dont stick to things too well that I will start this and if I am still on track by May I will ask for this for my birthday as a gift. So until then I will snap and document on here and on my Facebook site. It is very interesting and amazing the amount of people with this as one of their goals this year.

Facebook – Becky Higgins LLC

2. Become more organised around the house

With the crazy lives we live there is little order or control in what happens from day to day – infact I find it very difficult to even commit to a coffee date tomorrow as life for us is quite random. This is due to the businesses we run, kids/family and life in general. So I am hoping that I will be able to create some check lists on here and be able to maintain by re reading my own notes some order in our lives.

3. Set meal plans each week

I have been shopping on line for some time now and during the Christmas period I remembered why I dont visit the shops too often these days

Firstly the kids are out of control at the shops and it puts me into a ball of sweat from the stress of it.
Secondly I run out of time to do it.
Thirdly I save money by having a list and buying only what is needed. So I am going to make sure that every week I post up my previous weeks meal plan, giving people idea and new things to try. – Woolworths – Coles – they deliver or they do click and collect in our area which is also great

4. Spend more time enjoying the kids

Our kids juggle life well and are very adaptable. Sometimes they dont travel the roads I would wish they did – like traveling to school and kindy on the bus from daycare but you do what works and keeps things rolling in all areas of life at once. So I am going to make sure that where possible that they arent stuck infront of Grandma SONY ( the TV ) and that as a “Family” this includes their dad – we will have some fun.

5. Have time out with my sister and friends

I am very very lucky to have the BEST sister and the greatest of friends who get our busy crazy life style however it is only on rare occations that I have a lunch with one or a dinner with the other.I would like to find the time to put them up the list and have them written in pen not pencil in my diary so that I get to laugh and live life.

I do look forward to sharing my life with you and look forward to reading your comments.


4 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. How exciting, I am really looking forward to reading your journey!! And am very proud of your achievements from the first email I recieved from you to now….well done!!!

  2. Thanks heaps Kat for your inspiration to do this. I have a long way to go yet and get this working right but all trial and error. No idea how to post pages on here or add things from your great site but will learn 😉

  3. I was exactly the same, a complete novice to to blogs when I first started. I googled alot for tutorials, I also borrowed fromt eh local library and read up on WordPress for dummies as I use the wordpress blogging package, i’m sure they have bloogger for dummies. It will help you for sure!!

  4. I decided that I would change to WordPress like you so that when I hit a hurdle I might have your brain to pull some knowledge from – so I have exported and imported and survived…!

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